Web Hosting Services

All monthly pricing is subject to 6-month or Annual pre-payment. The standard contract length is 1 month, so if you decide to leave us we will pay you back any amount for all months not started (Starts on date of signup), unless you have violated the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). The plans and pricing may change at any time, contract length is guaranteed as long as you respect the AUP. Unless there are any extraordinary circumstances, paid periods are also guaranteed. If you sign up and you are not satisfied within the first 30 days, I will re-pay you the whole amount for your hosting package (30 day money back guarantee unless you violated the AUP, this is to screen spammers).

If interested, please use the contact form here. We accept money order, check, or PayPal.

Plans & Pricing

There are 3 tiers of hosting packages, with 2 levels in each - the biggest difference between place are the amount of disk space, transfer quota, and sub-account allowance.

Light Plans

These plans are for small web sites with mostly static informaton and little interactivity

  • L1 - Entry level web site - $9 per month - or $100 per year
  • L2 - Entry level web site with more space - $11 per month - or $120 per year

Mainstream Plans

These are the most popular plans and will fit most small business needs.

  • M1 - Perfect for small business -$16 per month - or $175 per year
  • M2 - With much more storage - $18 per month - or $200 per year

Corporate Plans

These are the most popular plans and will fit most shared hosting business needs.

  • C1 - Perfect for small business -$30 per month - or $340 per year
  • C2 - With much more storage - $40 per month - or $450 per year

Feature Matrix

  L1 L2 M1 M2 C1 C2
Disk Space (MegaBytes) 70 550 700 1050 1500 2500
Monthly Transfer Allowance (GigaBytes) 20 30 40 50 60 100
Sub / Add on domains 1 15 25 35 60 100
FTP Accounts 1 5 10 15 30 50
E-Mail Accounts 30 60 80 100 500 1000
Mailing Lists   2 4 10 20 40
MySQL Databases   6 8 9 10 20
E-Mail Forwarding / Alias Yes
Password Protected Directories Yes
IP Based Account / Dedicated IP   Yes, if needed
Secure Server Ready / SSL   Yes, Apache
Shell Access   If needed, verification required
CPanel Control panel system Yes


Featured and Installed Software/Scripts

Web based control panel

Maintain and customize your web space, e-mail accounts and forwarders/alias, sub domains, database (PHPmyAdmin), scripts, statistics, application installation, backups, and more. You can read more about the commercial cpanel software at cpanel.net.

Web based e-mail interface

Makes it easy to acces your e-mail from anywhere with internet web browser access.

E-Mail Autoresponders

Let people know when you are on vacation or that their message have been received.

Detailed web statistics

Analog and Webalizier, you also have access to raw log files.

Web based file manager

Makes it easy to maintain files and folders and set file permissions without even using and FTP client program.

Custom error pages

Create your own error pages instead of the standard server response.

Installed scripts

Counters, Countdown, Guestbook, Search Engine, Random HTML, Banner Manager, Form-to-mail.

Anonymous FTP Server

Share and retrieve files with the public


Your own directory for scripts and executables.

Dynamic web programming

Create dynamic web pages more easily, multiple languages and advanced features, and modules installed. PHP, Perl, Python, SSI, CGI, Mime Handler management. On Some systems we also feature Ruby and Rails.

Cron Job Manager

Lets you shcedule automated and scripted tasks.


Execute scripts as your own user.


We perform daily backups. You may download your last daily backup anytime from the control panel.


Our servers are all located in the Network Operations Center (NOC) of Peak10.Net in Florida. This NOC has multiple backbone connections, everything is monitored 24/7.

Additional/Optional Services and Products

SSL Certificates

Secure your web site communication with a Secure Socket Layer certificiate - if you have plan M1 or above this is supported (only one certificate per hosting plan). We use Geotrust RapidSSL certificates, at a cost of $49 per year - we can handle the creation of Key, CSR and installation for you.

Domain Registration

Please see the domain registration page here.

Installation and Troubleshooting of applications and scripts beyond the normal web hosting support.

Any support incident will start with checking all systems and making sure nothing is malfunctioning - beyond that the consultation of working on your systems will be charged at an hourly fee - you will be asked before we get to that, and typically a project with a quote and a fixed cost is agreed upon.