Technology has years of experience in various technologies which extends from networking to scripting and customization. Here is an overview of some of the technological experiences.


Token ring networks (still in use today in manufacturing and other environments), to 40Gbit Copper and Fiber Ethernet. Cisco Routers and Switches, Force10 Switches, HP Switches, Juniper Routers and Switches, 3Com Switches, Cisco WCS, F5 LTM, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, CheckPoint.

Storage and Virtualization

Enerprise SAN and Hypervisors to Linux based custom solutions. Compellent SAN, Equallogic SAN, IBM FC SAN, VmWare, Citrix, Oracle/Virtuallron, Linux XEN/KVM, Linux IET, BSD istgt.


Desktops to clustered servers - Windows, Linux and Unix - Red Hat, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Open BSD, FreeBSD, Windows Server, AD.


Desktop items to clustered Database systems and encryption - MS-SQL, MYSQL, Oracle, Apache, Tomcat, IIS.

Scripting and customization

PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, NSIS, PowerShell.