Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you specialize in?

Networking, Virtualization and SAN is my specialized areas on the systems side - when it comes to applications, I have a fair amount of experience with LAMP, majority on PHP.

Do you know Cisco?

Yes, I have a good amount of Catalyst and router experience, some ASA. I have not yet played around on Nexus. My specialty is not on datacenter bridging, but regular L3 and core routing, vlan spans, acl and such is a breeze. OSPF is easy, BGP not so much.

Do you do CAT5 installation?

Buildinng installs no - I can help supply and run wires on existing duct/ladder/etc work and such, but I wont cut holes in your walls.

Can you repair my computer?

This is not my mainstream business - but If you are local to my area - Southern New Hampshire - then sure, at an hourly rate.

What type of web hosting do you provide?

Linux based, Shared hosting plans, Apache Web server. I can also manage VPS servers for you.

What server side languages are supported?

Bash, Perl, PHP, and Python are the main ones. Other may be considered on request - such as Ruby and RAILS, it may require that your account gets moved to a server with the right features enabled.

Do you offer Shell/SSH access?

Although technically possible, we do not do so on a regular basis, all functions can be accessed with the Control Panel (CPanel) and FTP. If special circumstances require.

Are my files on the server secure?

The short answer is "It depends" - there are so many factors going into play. From a server management perspective, your files are as secure as you make them, the concept of web servers is to serve files to the world, so any web server is limited to the scope of the application. When it comes to E-Commerce, it supports SSL certificates, and any credit card processing will be okay as long as your application is securely made, and that no sensitive data is stored with symmetric encryption on the server.

Can you troubleshoot my applications?

Application, Code/Script and other non-infrastructure troubleshooting is outside the scope of included support - I will make an effort to pin down the issue, and I can work on your application at an hourly rate.

Can you register my country specific domain?

It depends - but many I may not be able to do - I use Enom for my domain services, the TLD's they support is what I will be able to do.

Can you hide my contact information in domain registrations?

For most TLD's yes, we can enable privacy screening (for a fee) - there are some TLD's which do not allow this.

Can I pay you with a credit card?

No sorry, I do not have a merchant account - all my customers pretty much pay service and consulting fee's on a Net-30 basis, except first time hosting accounts it is up front.

What is the cost of hosting services?

I am not really attempting to make my bread and butter on hosting - most accounts I hold are from clients which also needed some consulting services. That said, a small web site would run you about $100 per year (one domain and a site), while a typical e-commerce site would likely be $300 per year (one domain, hosting, and one SSL certificate).

How do you charge to design and set up a site?

I don't design - I have done quite a few setups but I am not a designer so if you ask me to create a design I will do so but I can not promise a great design. Most of my clients wants functionality rather than design, which I do provide. The actual cost is impossible to estimate without discussion and planning of scope. A simple e-commerce site would probably cost from $1000 and up, plus the hosting.

What is your favorite beer?

That is a trick question, and I change that up all the time - but in general, any locally made IPA or Pale Ale style, or even a good Pilsner, preferably unfiltered and not pasturized. Flowery hops are always good, and USDA organic certified is a good thing.